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How To Choose Children's Vitamins

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How To Choose Children's Vitamins

Post by Administrator on Tue Sep 17, 2013 12:38 pm

If your children are picky eaters, you may worry that they aren't getting all of the nutrients and vitamins they need in their daily food intake. This is a common problem and one that is easily rectified by giving them children's vitamins. Today, children's vitamins come in a wide range of styles and tastes. Just check with your pediatrician before you add vitamins into your children's menu, to be sure they are an appropriate option for your specific situation. If you do decide to supplement with vitamins, here are some things to keep in mind:

1. Read food labels. Become aware of what portion they contain of the recommended daily amount of various vitamins so you can see where your children may be lacking.
2. Check to see whether many of the foods your children eat are already fortified with vitamins. Many foods today are, so you will want to be sure you aren't giving your children too much of anything.
3. Understand that vitamins won't be harmful if they don't exceed the daily allowance for your children's vitamins and minerals, but at higher doses, they can cause problems.
4. Do use vitamins to fill in your children's gaps in nutrition, especially if there are food groups that he or she won't eat.
5. Always select food-based or natural vitamins. Steer clear of synthetic options.
6. Look for children's vitamins that contain glyconutritional blends made from fruits and vegetables. These are very important to keep the body's immune system working up to par.
7. Opt for a multivitamin that will take care of all of the nutritional needs in one.
8. Avoid selecting a single-nutrient vitamin, unless your pediatrician specifically recommends this, since too much of one vitamin can actually prevent the body from being able to absorb other nutrients.
9. Make sure any vitamin you select is approved for your child's age.
10. Avoid a vitamin with iron unless your child needs it.
11. Involve your child in picking the type of vitamin he is willing to take. There are many vitamin options available now, from gummy vitamins to vitamins in the form of chewing gum.
12. Shop online, browse the shelves in natural or health food stores or look in your grocery or drug store to check out the selection that exists.
13. Teach your children that although vitamins can taste good, they are in fact a medication and not a treat.
14. Always store vitamins out of your children's reach.
15. Don't rely on vitamins alone to make the difference. Also work on helping your child to broaden his diet to get all of the food groups.

Be aware that if your children get too much of any nutrient, this can be toxic.
Always check with your pediatrician before supplementing your child's diet.
Quick Tips:
The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children eat a daily diet that is based on the Food Guide Pyramid.


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